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In Cydia appeared widget “iOS 7 LockScreen Weather”, which maps to lock screen detailed weather forecast. A new addition to the package developer Cydget.

Luckily, the effect is only temporary. Apple says battery life will return to normal once you bring the device back to a higher ambient temperature. Double tap the home button and swipe away apps you aren't using. This makes sure apps aren't running in the background and over-working the battery. Instead of keeping your brightness on high, which forces the battery to work harder, buy a glare screen that lets you see your screen in the sun.

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Documentaries Prince William 'forced to step in to protect harassed Kate Middleton' The second in line to the throne was furious when photographers gathered around Kate in London, a documentary reveals. Meghan Markle Meghan Markle heads home to Harry in true New Yorker style after luxury baby shower The Duchess of Sussex - who arrived in Manhattan on Friday for a five-day break with friends - cradled her growing bump in a tan duster jacket as she left The Mark Hotel. Pontins Ltd. Within a few minutes, the battery can lose enough power to shut down the device. Instead, the lithium-ion battery simply cannot function at extremely cold temperatures.

The lithium ions slow down under cold temperatures, diminishing the flow of electricity. This is not a flaw with Apple products. This happens with any lithium-ion battery-powered device. There are a few things you can do to keep your iPhone working and protect it from permanent damage. As mentioned previously, when turned off, the iPhone can withstand a much greater temperature range.

Make sure to turn it off, and not just put it to sleep. This is true of every electronic device, and also some forms of media, such as video and audio cassettes. Turning on a cold device can warm it quickly. The rapid change in temperature can expand components too quickly, causing damage. Furthermore, your device is at risk for condensation to form. Any moisture inside the device can cause electronic components to fail. Simply wait for your device to come up to room temperature.

With the new, metal-encased iPhones, this should happen within a few minutes. You may have a thick, down-filled parka. If so, put the iPhone in an inside pocket. Of course, this limits the use of your iPhone. For example, one can invoke Siri simply by pressing and holding the center button on the headphones. It will present the same problem of expansion, contraction and condensation.

There are some cases that may provide adequate insulation for your iPhone. Neoprene seems like a good option. It is inexpensive and is the same material used in wet suits. You could probably even make one out of a mouse pad, since most are constructed from neoprene. Neoprene is also a great shock absorber. For those with the financial resources, a new, high-tech thermal protection case is coming soon…. Optimal is an active, electronic thermal protection case that is currently in development. It promises to be the high-end solution to using an iPhone in extreme temperatures.

This high-tech case will help maintain the temperature of your iPhone in hot or cold weather. The case will have fans and heating elements to keep your iPhone at the optimal operating temperature. The Optimal case will only be 5 mm thick and constructed of anodized aluminum. This is a high-tech case with active electronic components to monitor and maintain the optimal temperature. It will even work with Touch ID and will not obscure the camera lens. The case is currently under development, however, it is being crowd funded on Indiegogo.

This case is not cheap.

Given the operational and non-operational temperature range for the iPhone, it makes sense not to leave it in a cold car. If you do, at least make sure to turn it off and wait until it warms up before turning it on again. The most sensible thing is to take it with you. It may be colder outside your automobile, but if your iPhone is tucked in a warm pocket, it will fare better. The iPhone is useless and by skiing cross country it is not possible to keep phone warm. Why you are not copying the technology from Samsung, Nokia etc.?

They are working also in cold climate. I would suggest putting the iPhone in an inner pocket in your coat. I would suggest getting a neoprene case. Neoprene is the same material used in wetsuits, so it will help keep your iPhone warm. All lithium-ion batteries are subject to failure under cold conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has the same operating temperature range as the iPhone.

So the best idea is to leave it at home when you go out in the cold because even if you do need it it is still completely useless. Did you work for Microsoft? You can put it in an inside coat pocket. That should keep it warm. For hands-free operation, you can use the earbuds to control Siri and talk on the phone. On page two of this article, I cover using a car charger to use a cold iPhone in emergency situations. Most of my cold weather jackets have inside pockets.

That should be sufficient to keep it at operating temperature. Unfortunately, no one can change the fundamental laws of physics. This is true of all smartphones.

Any device with a lithium ion battery can stop functioning in cold temperatures. If Apple already knows the problem, then why do they keep fabricating iPhones with these kind of lithium-ion batteries? As it stands now, lithium-ion batteries are the only viable option for smartphones and many devices. Every smartphone on the market uses lithium-ion batteries and they are all affected by both cold and warm weather. I work outside everyday and iPhones dies the second I take it out of any warm pocket. Completely useless. Full waste of my money. That will happen with any lithium-ion battery powered device.

I checked competing smartphone manuals, and they all have the same temperature ranges for operation and storage. I have both iPhone 6s plus and iPhone 5s. It may be because the iPhone 6 is almost all aluminum and thinner. The metal dissipates heat faster and offers less insulating properties. The thinness may also cause it to lose heat rapidly compared to the older model. Glass is a better insulator than aluminum. My iPhone still shut off. Apple should seriously consider a recall. I seriously need my phone to call someone. It should have different kind of emergency battery life at least to call in case of an emergency.

It should work at that temperature. Unfortunately, I work outside, and I have an iphone. Just 2 days ago, I had to make a call and my phone had to be exposed to the cold air for less than minutes while I talked. One possible solution may be to use the included headphones. I actually prefer using it for calls, especially outside or in crowds. Using the headphones, you can keep it in your pocket while you make calls. Siri can be activated by pressing and holding the center button on the headphones. What about my iPhone 6?

What does that mean? Perhaps the cold weather finally did it in, but it was on its last legs. Given that the iPhone 6 is a few years old now, if you used it heavily and charged it often, the battery may just be dead. You can either replace it or get a new iPhone. Cold weather causes metal to contract. It could possibly damage the device, but it would have to be very cold for that to happen.

I have an issue with my iPhone 6s Plus rear camera. I live I South America, Ecuador. You can deduce from these altitudes that the highest is colder that the lower one. My hunch is that the change in altitude is causing problems, although my research shows that the iPhone functions well at high altitudes. People have even attached them to weather balloons and taken them up to , feet, without the camera failing. It may be that your camera is defective and the high altitude exacerbates the defect, rendering the camera useless. If not, it must be unique to yours and is probably a manufacturing defect.

Thanks for the help! Guys… just buy a powerbank, they are cheap and with those your iPhone will switch one, despite the cold weather.

iPhone Tips for Cold Weather

Problem solved. Now living in Japan where and iPhone dies within minutes even if you only take it out to take a quick photo. Samsung have it right!! Shame on Apple. It offers the same cold temperature benefits of other phones. Also, those older Samsung phones were made of metal with a glass coating on the back, which is an insulating material.

Great for cold weather, but not great for warm weather. Glass also traps in heat when the phone is doing intensive operations gaming, multimedia, heavy network activity. Too much heat will shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Keep Your iPhone Warm

It is interesting that Apple can instruct Samsung on how to make a better display. Unfortunately, this is a reality of lithium ion batteries. No one makes a phone that can survive cold temperatures.

iPhone Turning off in Cold Weather?: Here’s How to Stop it - Techzillo

They all seem to have the same temperature range for operation. The best you can do is get a case that can insulate the phone. Neoprene cases are inexpensive and do just that. I have the same issue with iPhone 6s. Meanwhile my son was playing on my Motorola G4 plus. Was your iPhone 6s manufactured between September and October of ? Apple is doing a recall of iPhone 6s models manufactured between September and October It is a known issue. Their battery supplier had a bad production run, which causes some iPhone 6s devices to shut down unexpectedly.

It has more information about this issue and a link to check if your model is affected. Who would rather have a phone shut down than slow down? Their hardware and software are loosely coupled. Apple has tight integration between hardware and software. Neither Apple nor their fan boys claim that an iPhone shutting down due to cold weather is a design decision. Cold weather affects all lithium-ion powered devices.

Some devices overheat, so they fare better in cold weather. They can fail or even be a hazard in warm conditions. The other phone you mention is notorious for overheating. Every other non-Apple device I have owned or used crashes, shuts down unexpectedly and is quite buggy. Sometimes I type a message but it opens other apps Whatsapp etc even sometimes I press A but it pressed L or remove it. What is the reason and what is the solution? There are two possibilities. Is your iPhone speaking when it exhibits this behavior?

If so, you may have activated an Accessibility feature by accident. I have done this a few times. I usually have to do a soft reset to get it back to normal, as it is too hard to navigate through settings. If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, it may be a case of Touch Disease. I doubt it, because it seems to happen only when you charge your device with a laptop. Try doing a soft reset. Let go of both buttons when you see the Apple logo. Your device will restart with some cached data cleared out.

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This solves the majority of iPhone problems. My car broke down yesterday. I stepped out of the car to check it and tried to call a tow truck and my phone was dead. So dead car and dead phone. Great for emergencies. Explain that one. The iPhone 6 is an old device, and unless you have replaced the battery, the unexpected shut down is probably due to a failing battery. It is notoriously true that Apple slows down the iPhone 6 to avoid unexpected shut downs, however, in cold weather, the battery can fail spectacularly.

This is also because the iPhone runs cooler than other smartphones due to its efficiency , which is great in the summer. Other smartphones that run warmer may fare well in the winter, but will experience problems in the summer. Overall, they will have shorter battery life, as heat damages lithium ion batteries. If I lived in Alaska, I may have a different preference. Your iPhone 6 probably died because the battery is in poor shape.

After all, it is an old phone. I own one too, and it is three years old, and I bought it 4 months after it launched. You can still get good money for an older iPhone. Yak… Why are you defending Apple over and over again by referring to the specs of the iPhone?

Who cares about the specs? The reality is that neither of the competition shuts down in cold weather like 0 degrees C. Only the iPhone. In particular the 6s. I had the battery replaced by the recall program and I still face the issue. Seriously man, are you on drugs? A phone is a portable device that can save your life in a certain situation.

It is notorious for overheating. There are hundreds of web pages referring to this problem. A phone that overheats will perform better in cold weather. Product specifications are facts. I care about facts. I am stating facts. I am not going to write the narrative you want, which is that people should go buy something other than an iPhone.

These are tips for people who own an iPhone. You can go and create your own Sony fanboy site that no one will visit. You seem to be in some sort of tech news echo chamber, one with an anti-Apple bias. Please, keep me out of your black and white echo chamber. Your simplistic straw man tactics are tedious and intellectually fraudulent.

Apple is transparent about the operating temperatures. I have posted them in the article. Apple did not hide this from you. You bought into iPhone hype, blindly purchased an iPhone like an iSheep, and now you are taking it out on me. No one is to blame but yourself. I just bought a new WiFi router. I researched it, and the AirPort Extreme has a problem with the fan breaking.

If I had bought the AirPort Extreme and it broke after a few years, more fool me for being an iSheep. I am not an iSheep. I always research everything before buying it. The irony is that you, an iSheep, claim that I blindly defend Apple? In fact, this web page provides critical information that could have helped you make an informed purchase, yet you take offense to any discussion of facts.

Who are you? What credentials do you have? I only checked the major brands of competing phones. Sony is a major brand, but not when it comes to smartphones. That recommendation is based on the operating temperature range.