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In Cydia appeared widget “iOS 7 LockScreen Weather”, which maps to lock screen detailed weather forecast. A new addition to the package developer Cydget.

If you feel that the launcher is not behaving as smoothly as the iOS interface or not as fast as you would like, then try a different iPhone launcher or upgrade to a smartphone that features better hardware specifications. Another thing we want to point out is that these are not custom launchers for your iPhone. If you want more customization options to test out, we highly recommend switching to an Android handset. One Launcher is one of the best iPhone look-alike launchers scattered around the web and it is able to simulate that embellished iOS interface with an immense level of accuracy.

First off, One Launcher is able to deliver the same iOS transition effects, along with displaying icon packs and system icons. Similar to iOS, these app icons are also scattered around your home screen but since you have customization options available, you can easily place them wherever you like.

The description of Theme for Apple IPhone 8

If you have Android Marshmallow or an updated version running on your phone, you will need to give One Launcher certain permissions to gain full access to the launcher. As a plus, it refreshes the performance of your phone, making the interface a lot faster than before. Still, we will recommend that you install this iOS launcher on a phone that features better hardware in order to experience the best iOS simulation possible.

OS 10 Launcher brings forth an almost clone iOS Launcher experience and best of all, you will not have to opt for a premium version to experience these changes. The system icons you will eventually see on your phone are replaced with Apple ones. The app sports those meticulous details such as the transitions and way the apps open up on an iPhone.

Theme for Apple iPhone 8

Secondly, you get to customize the way how you see fit. If you want a near-perfect iPhone Launcher that nails the intricate details to display an iPhone interface on an Android smartphone then boy have you come to the right place. One of the things that separate it from the rest of the pack is that it is able to provide a smooth interface regardless if the Android smartphone features low-end hardware or not.

It also delivers gorgeous effects and supports customization, which is something users love to do frequently on their devices. If you have a low-end smartphone and want to get the exact feel of an iOS interface, there is no better choice for you than the xOS iPhone Launcher. Well, in that case, you do not have to worry as the Phone X Launcher is a great option for you to choose from, and with this launcher available for free at the Google Play Store, you can convert your Android phone into an iPhone X; well as far as the looks are concerned.

However, there are some things that you must keep in mind; the launcher mimics the entirety of the iPhone X interface, which also includes the infamous notch. Although the notch may not bother a lot of people, if you happen to have a phone with no bezels, or a notch present, then it will look rather good.

However, on phones that have not given in on the notch fiasco, things might not look that good. The good thing here is that despite being fairly simple, the launcher does have some nice customization options available for the users to use.

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You can easily customize the shortcut toggles by swiping up and opening the control center, and make some other changes as well. If you have continued to use Android for a better part of your life, it will take some getting used to. Still, you will find it to your liking because there are a lot of customization options available plus those accurate transition effects and gestures are available to some extent. Espier Launcher is no stranger to the realms of iOS launchers and it is a revered application that transforms the way you will look at your Android smartphone as soon as you install it.

Like we stated earlier, it will not increase the overall performance of your device. Instead, the severe optimization that most likely went into making the app will end up making the home screen more responsive, thus resulting in a snappier handset at your fingertips. This limit was introduced so that it does not end up slowing your smartphone since widgets have a habit of doing that, irrespective of how powerful your phone happens to be. Espier Launcher comes in two types for now; one is i6 followed by i7 , and you will find the latter to be a better version of the two.

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With improved cosmetics and a crisp look paired with immense customization options to give your phone that makeover, you will thoroughly be pleased with the results laid out in front of your eyes. Download Espier Launcher. This iPhone Launcher gives the user a similar feeling of using an iPhone 6 and although it is a free-to-use application, it is loaded with a ton of ads, which is something users will not appreciate at all. Keeping the performance of the phone in mind, 6 Plus iOS Launcher delivers a smooth-performing home screen that feels snappy as soon as you start running it.

Using a few system resources, it is expected that you will have a fluid-running home screen irrespective if the phone ends up slowing down. Not just this, but you have an interesting list of wallpapers to choose from to beautify the home screen at will. Download i6 Plus Launcher. Launcher for iPhone 7 is a decent-functioning iOS launcher for Android devices that nails one thing out of the bag immediately; enabling you to get the iPhone lock screen on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, there is where the salt starts to flow because even this iPhone lock screen simulation presents some limitations.

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For starters, the lock screen is only activated after the device has been unlocked but when you take a look at it for the first time, it nails the simulation perfectly. The UI looks very promising, but with the number of ads fluttering around, you might get frustrated and force yourself to look for a suitable alternative. A simple yet highly functionality iPhone Launcher that follows the iOS interface down to one thing that you might not like about it; the lack of customizability.

The majority of your system icons are replaced with iOS icons, so it looks and feels like smartphone magic. One thing that you will appreciate about this is the fact that the unread badge count is present in the default messaging app and you will not have to opt for a premium version in order to experience this tiny, but a very flexible addition to your handset. Wildly popular with great features - adjust saturation, brightness and contrast of each theme. Resolutions for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus available. Theme Editor included: Edit each theme to make it suit your taste!

Infinite possibilities! Change the Lock Screen - Choose your favorite part of the original artwork, change Colors, add Calendars and other Overlays. With iTheme it's a snap! Style your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with stunning and custom designed backgrounds!

Install Custom iOS Themes On ANY iPhone (No JAIL BREAK REQUIRED) 2017

More than great themes included More than for the iPad. All kinds of designs - check out the screenshots… All themes are available in Retina Resolution! Thanks for that! Some Reviews 'I love the choices. Most apps give u 3 or 4 good backgrounds. This app is loaded.

My favorite app' Auvejc 'I love the new feature where you can redecorate screens. Awesome' Barbara Cortez 'Great! Well worth it!

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Both images will be downloaded to your photo gallery. Please go there after download and install them as a Lock Screen or Home Screen. If you're having trouble installing Home Screens, check out the tutorial at: We think this is not a very desirable effect. Please also check out our other apps! Updates and general improvements. They call these themes, but they're not!!.

Themes also includeimatching icons, and sometimes has other features. All these are, are just wallpapers!!!!. And they're not even pretty, some of them. Also, I love purple. I'd like to be able to look specifically for purple ones. I don't even see a way to search, by words. Only for browsing. There is no category for colors. What a rip off!!!

Only 3 stars because at first I loved it! If that were fixed I would give 5 stars! Yes, we are sorry, we had server problems last week.

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Everything is back to normal now! In most cases I have been able to find a theme that I like to use.

Best iPhone Launchers For iOS Experience On Android Phones In 2018

This is the first month that there has not been a new calendar since I started using the app. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.