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In Cydia appeared widget “iOS 7 LockScreen Weather”, which maps to lock screen detailed weather forecast. A new addition to the package developer Cydget.

The Close one is displayed with bold text, making it the default choice for most users — close it, complete the reminder, then open the app or the Today view and check it off. But if you tap options, you get an expanded dialog with shortcuts to be reminded again in 15 minutes, mark as completed right away, or open the reminder. This is a superior design that speeds up the process of acting on alerts, and I wish Apple did it with more kinds of notifications. Speaking of the Notes app: I think that some of the Notes animations, especially on the iPad mini, are a bit rough and unfinished such as swipe to delete.

If you choose the Contacts setting, only people who are in your contact list and using an iCloud account will show up. By default, AirDrop tries to open a received file or bit of data in the system app that is associated with it. When sharing a document like a. One minor addition that I do appreciate is that you can pull down a banner notification to reveal it in the full-size Notification Center. The latter is obvious and convenient: What I found truly great is notification sync through what I assume is iCloud.

Imagine this: Now you have the same notification on two devices. No more. Try it with the Messages app: Notification sync is amazing if you, like me, rely heavily on apps that can send a lot of notifications on a daily basis like Messages for daily communication needs. When the keyboard is visible, I think that the gesture recognition should be improved. Aside from Notification Center, the other feature activated with a pull down gesture is Spotlight.

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Previously confined in a separate page on the SpringBoard , Spotlight is now available by pulling down the Home screen, on any screen. I believe this is a better design than iOS 6, as it makes Spotlight more accessible without having to go to a separate area, albeit certainly more hidden for first-time users because there is no indicator telling that Spotlight is available by swiping down. The Camera app has been redesigned on iOS 7, with a black interface that focuses on the fact that you can swipe to change between four camera modes: Video, Photo, Square, and Pano.

HDR, Flash, and the switch button are still available at the top, the Camera Roll is at the bottom left, and a new button in the bottom right lets you access live photo filters. Filters and Square are really meant to complement each other for Instagram users and people who like to apply filters to photos without Instagram.

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When a filter is active, the button is colored as opposed to desatured. I think this is bad design in the name of change, and I hope that Apple will return to a more obvious camera animation. I am, on the other hand, a fan of the new Photos app. The last two are smart groupings that divide photos that were taken in different places while still sorting them by time, filtering down by single days when you reach the Moments view. Moments, in particular, are more effective than a simple vertical list of photos what the app used to be because they provide a logical organization of your photos without you having to do anything about it: You can tap on the location to view photos on a map make sure to pinch the photos on the map view to see some cool animations , or, better yet, share a specific moment or selected photos inside a moment to Facebook or iCloud.

The new iCloud shared streams are good, and I plan to use them with my family a lot. In iOS 7, you can create a private photo stream shared with selected users, and everyone will gain the ability to upload photos and videos to the stream if you enable the setting. Then, every user will be able to like photos, leave comments, and members of the stream will receive a notification every time there is activity. To catch up on recent activity in a stream, there is an aptly named Activity view.

Streams can be published on the web at a public iCloud. My opinion of Maps has only slightly improved from last year. The app has been redesigned with a white theme, but the map views have stayed the same. For my area, there is still no Flyover or 3D support, but there seem to be more recent businesses listed in the search results. For me and for my area, I believe Google Maps is superior for search results, quality of voice navigation, listed businesses, and traffic information.

I actually am using Siri quite a bit more now, and I was surprised by the quality of the Italian voice, its increased speed, clean new design, and new functions. Notably, Siri is now a black translucent panel like Notification Center, showing light text on a dark background. In the past few weeks, Siri for iOS 7 has been much faster than its iOS 6 counterpart, and I wonder if this is the reason Apple is now confident enough to say Siri is out of beta.

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I have noticed that Siri has gotten better at understanding the Italian language as well. The new commands that Siri supports in iOS 7 are useful: The best addition, though, is integration with Wikipedia. You can create stations starting from a specific artist, song, or genre; stations are synced across devices with your iTunes account; and, you can tell the app to play more songs like the current one, never play the current song again, or add it to the new synced wish list of iOS 7.

There are, however, some changes that I truly like in Safari: I like to open Shared Links, find something, then send it to other apps with a bookmarklet. The new tab carousel view in Safari for iOS 7 is beautiful, but not practical for me: I open a lot of tabs on a daily basis, and to close them in Safari for iOS 7 I have to swipe them away, remembering that only swiping to the left is supported.

Compare this to Google Chrome, which automatically closes a tab that was triggered by x-callback-url when you go back to another app like Tweetbot and that lets you swipe tabs away in both directions. From last year:. In iOS 7, the App Store is now native and, as such, it comes with smooth scrolling, fast opening times for app descriptions, sections, and charts, a finally usable Purchased tab that loads thousands of apps in seconds, and an overall unprecedented fluidness. I browse the Store to find apps, see sections, and read updates on a daily basis, and the iOS 6 App Store was terrible for that.

I still think several aspects of the App Store could be improved, though. Search, for instance, is still based on a cards layout and a ranking algorithm that, supposedly , Apple should be improving to lead to more accurate and genuine results. The persistence of cards is interesting, as the Top Charts have switched back to the original, pre-iOS 6 vertical layout, and I would like to see Apple making the same change to regular search too. MacStories readers may be familiar with these URLs because I rely on them for some of my Evernote scripts and automation tools.

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There are two limitations: I look forward to seeing whether developers will figure out a way to generate message: Personally, I still get confused by the Caps Lock key, which has lost the white glow and blue highlight of iOS 6 to leave room for a more subdued black outline and white key color. While the animation of the multitasking view is slower than iOS 6, the slightly reduced speed is compensated by an increased convenience in switching to an app by tapping the large snapshot in the middle of the screen.

In iOS 7, removing an app from the app switcher by swiping up stops its background service. In iOS 6, it used to be that apps could transfer data in the background only for a limited amount of time usually 10 minutes and receive push notifications for new content available remotely.

In iOS 6, if Instacast started downloading podcast episodes and 10 minutes passed, you would receive an alert that required you to open the app again or the download session would time out. In iOS 7, the system has been completely overhauled. I believe it was working when I had the beta versions installed prior. Are you a developer?

Yes, but that's not it. It's just not my iPhone 5 , another friends iPhone 4 updated using regular release iOS 7 also doesn't blink when call comes in now. It did prior to iOS 7. Apr 10, Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Bill Siegrist1 Bill Siegrist1. More Less. Hmm, yeah, I can see how headphones may be a distraction. Do drivers pretty much abide by that law? Josh, you might check out the Apple support site and see if others have found a solution to that problem.

I've only heard Siri say that once, and when I issued the command again it worked okay. I shall be much nicer to her, we all respond better to kindness.

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Thank you Bakari. I am usually not on Wi-Fi when using Siri, I am usually in my car when I cannot type or look at the phone. I swear at her a lot. Maybe she is angry at me. TVbonnie, swearing won't get you anywhere with Siri. Apple software frowns upon curse words, even in its dictionary. You have to be clear and direct about what you want.

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Be nice. Thank you for those tips, I use Siri a lot already and the more I can use the right commands the less I yell at my phone like it was a person. It's very annoying. Works every time on the second try.

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Hmm, are there particular type of questions or commands that get you that response? Also, sometimes that may occur when you have poor Wi-Fi connection?

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Why add capability when the basics are still so bad? I have yet to have a day when she picks up every time. Siri doesn't love me any more. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Um, how come I can't Tweet or "like" this article? Thanks for creating this article. You provide such great info; I always learn something new.