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In Cydia appeared widget “iOS 7 LockScreen Weather”, which maps to lock screen detailed weather forecast. A new addition to the package developer Cydget.

View Full Version: PSP Comics Some free ones should be available around 7pm tonight apparently: You've skated with the Walking Dead I assume? I'm either too old or this makes no sense. Walking Dead is fantastic stuff. Will they just be on the reader since the PSp firmware is not live that can play them.

The free ones will be available from Don't know where yet though. Someone's going to twitter some codes or something, I dunno! Just monitor the netz from 7pm I guess. PSP Firmware 6. You then need to download the Comic book application available from here http: I think so. There's a new version of MediaGo out as well, to support the comics and new video store.

If you hit it in the xmb it takes you to the site and you can dl it I take it you need media go for the comics then. Last time I installed it my pc did not like it. I would imagine that once comics are on the PSN then there'll be a separate area to download them but we won't know til the store starts getting them in I guess. Every once in a while Sony do something right. This comic system if rather wonderfully executed!

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I'm gonna end up spending a fortune on this stuff. You can play music whilst you view the comic. It zooms in and out the the correct panels in the correct order and even shook one of the panels around to simulate an explosion! I did it on the UK store though.

How do i use digital comics on my psp?

I couldn't get it to work on the US store but it turned out there is just a different code. Well I got that Megatron comic and it works really well. It's flows nicely and is easy to read. Could be a very nice feature. Code for USers - 63N8-R2BF-9E4D It is divided up by region seemingly, even within different European territories so if anyone is looking for codes in other places like Ireland, here is their twitter thingy where they are posting codes - http: Star Trek: Neither of those codes work john.

Where did you get them from? Nice books generally BUT you have to switch your licence, bloody annoying. Think I will tie my comics to just one account, this is a great wee idea may get me back into reading comics. Then I launched the comic reader, which went to the japanese website and installed. When I run it, it just shows two incompatible files and refuses to play them.

I guess this thing isn't multi-region, so the question is how do I install the US comic reader? It takes me to a page where you can download the reader. Nope, must be IP address blocking or something. I went there by PSP directly and got the same thing. Just a bitof blurb about Marvel and telling me to check out playstationcomics. Pirates have never created something only to have it stolen.

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May your armpits become infested by one thousand camels. No they don't own the pictures in your head but they do own their own pictures. If you don't want to accept that people can own intellectual Properties then I would recommend leaving this planet as you won't find many people agreeing with you here. Perhaps I worded my post incorrectly, let me put it another way; People who steal, whether it's penny candy from a drug store or Mercedes off the streets, and everything tangible and not under society's laws, should someday feel what it's like to have something they created stolen by a two-bit hood with no moral compass who somehow figures they're entitled.

Speaking from personal experience, it sucks.

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The logic doesn't fail, your attempt to spin it does. Defending your position by trying to key it on a respect issue makes no sense at all. Programmers, artists, designers, writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, singers, songwriters, et. I hate certain performers but it doesn't mean I then have the right to steal from them.

If you don't respect the law, then you ought to be judged and punished accordingly.

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You're not being edgy and cool by ripping someone off Not you directly, because I don't know you and perhaps you pay for everything you consume so I don't want to offend you personally Make no mistake. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. I have downloaded a few comics to fool around with on my commute and have a few questions: There's a folder called Book or Books, you'll know it when you see it.

how do i use digital comics on my psp? | Yahoo Answers

You can download it as many times as you want. The moral fiber of this world is seeming mighty thin I ran into it while I also was having trouble deleting my own comics, I just don't remember exactly where. Either way, you can just download the paid-for comic again.