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In Cydia appeared widget “iOS 7 LockScreen Weather”, which maps to lock screen detailed weather forecast. A new addition to the package developer Cydget.

Furious 8-bit arcade gaming

DudeLaw 9. TommyVF MrMoustache JohnZiegel NoTest MetaSeraphim HeroQbe 3. Itachi 6. NoTest 8. Naioo 9.

Furious 8-bit arcade gaming

Elaus BartF Itachi 2. Fulkrum25 4. AaronAdams 5. Vill 7. Salsburry 8.

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Xantos 9. Bfrank Spongebob Dub Bennett LightRL Cdognoob 4. ImSuperHappy 5. Reale 6. Vaal 7. TheMan 9. Super Crate Box is in the business of giving us these slightly-different problems to tackle. It has dedicated its life to this task and I applaud it for its selfless dedication to making me joyful. It manages this by taking a simple proven game jumping around and shooting stuff and combining it with a dizzying array of weapons, all of which are slightly different from each other.

Yes that is true, imaginary reader in my head, you are correct. Games are about learning and our brain really likes to learn.

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It likes to learn helpful useful things. It wants to learn how to win!

Most games with a dizzying array of weapons let you chose which ones you want to play with. Super Crate box recognises this as a fault. The better you get with a weapon in Super Crate Box the less you play with it. The better you are with a weapon the more ruthlessly efficient you are at getting to the next crate and the next random weapon.

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In this way Super Crate Box refuses to let you specialise. It refuses to let you get good with one weapon and ignore all the others, which is how I and I assume most people play all those games with a dizzying array of weapons. And when we succeed at one of these problems it feels great! So take a look at your favorite game or the game your making and count the states.

Anyway, once more doff your hat to Raimi Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman for being smarter than the human brain and giving us all something slightly different to play. It occured to me that some people might be curious about what life as a traveling game author is like. I decided a good way to give you a look into our every-day life would be to write up a day-in-the-life.

Here, presented for your edification, is yesterday:. I woke up at about 6: Our Internet is usually pretty good in the morning so I reached for the laptop and checked the emails and the facebooks.

Super Crate Box APK

After tooling around online for an hour or so I got up and greeted the day. As Sarah slept I wandered down to the beach. It was before the heat of the day and I waded across a few low streams as I mulled over game design problems. I had done my first in-person playtest the previous day so I had a lot to think about. As I was watching the hermit crabs I had a great idea. Actually it was a really old idea that had been rattling around in my head since I first started working on the game.

Only now, four months later, was it apparent that this idea might be the puzzle-piece I needed to solve my problems. Play testing is a magical thing. You have to go slot it into the puzzle! I wandered back over the streams and found Sarah awake and eating breakfast. After I slotted the puzzle piece in I started playing with the new version of the game.

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It felt really good and I had Sarah give it a play to get a second opinion. It was working really well for her as well and I started to get excited as I imagined other people really liking it. The thought of players feeling that same soaring joy that you feel playing your game is what keeps you going through the months of doubt and grunt work. We grabbed a backpack, locked up the house, and headed for the beach.

We live in Pochote, a tiny fishing village. You can get fish here but not vegetables. To get groceries we have to walk down the eight kilometer beach to Tambor. On the way back we stopped for an hour of body surfing in the larger than average waves. We go on a lot of walks no matter where we are in the world and the conversation is usually dominated by talk about games. I really like walking to think about game design. The best part of travel is the people and the people here are great. Gabe is about our age and is my local play-tester.

I trucked my laptop over to the bar and Gabe sat down to give the new version a play. Softonic review Super Crate Box is a retro-styled indie game that aims to take you back to what was best about arcades back in the day. Super Mario Bros 3: Chicken Invaders Blast space chickens in Chicken Invaders. Cue Billiard Club: Download Super Crate Box.

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