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In Cydia appeared widget “iOS 7 LockScreen Weather”, which maps to lock screen detailed weather forecast. A new addition to the package developer Cydget.

Apps screen grid Samsung. And then tap on Apply after you pick the desired option.

Samsung Samsung. The curved screen of the Note8 is customizable. Or you can set it up by opening the edge screen and tapping on the settings icon at the bottom.

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And one of the edge panels allows you to create app shortcuts for up to 10 apps, making it easier to quickly load your favorite apps. When you tap on the edit button at the bottom of the apps edge, you can also create App Pair shortcuts, which allows you to launch two apps in split screen mode. Within this menu, you can change the position of the Edge panel handle, adjust the size, tweak the transparency and turn vibration on or off. Samsung Note8 Home button Samsung. Along with a dedicated button to activate the Samsung Bixby digital assistant, you can also push down the home button on the Galaxy Note 8 to activate the Google Assistant.

However, you can change the functionality of the long press on the home button if you want it to do something else. Then tap on the menu at the top right and select default apps. From there, select device assistant app and select the app that you want to have opened when you long press the home button. Note8 Camera Samsung. When you double tap the standby button, it will automatically launch the camera even if your Note8 is locked. Heart Rate Sensor Samsung. In this section, you will notice that you can take photos using the heart rate sensor or by tapping on the screen.

Microsoft Launcher for Android Microsoft. There are a number of different Launcher apps for Android that you can use. To do this, you have to start by downloading the launcher of your choice from the Google Play Store. Then tap on the Home button and select the Launcher you want to use. Cleaning up storage space Samsung.

200+ Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

This will free up storage by deleting cached data and ad files. Clear notifications on the Note8 Samsung. There are some apps that will place a badge count with the number of notifications you currently have. Setting a screen lock Samsung. The Galaxy Note8 has fingerprint, iris and facial recognition software and hardware for unlocking your device. In this section, you can also decide if you want to use a PIN, a pattern or a password instead. And you can also use Bixby Voice to unlock your device. Once it learns your voice and you set your password, you can start using your voice to unlock the device.

Always On Display feature Samsung. Some of the options include digital clock, analog clock, world clock, calendar and image. One of the best FaceWidgets are music controls. Customizing the Home screen Samsung. When you long press on the wallpaper of the home screen, you can customize the wallpapers, themes and widgets. You can also customize the frames of the app icons. Bixby Home Samsung. You may notice that when you swipe right on the homepage, you will see Bixby Home. But there is a way to disable this feature.

Popular Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparisons

Simply long press on the wallpaper of your device and swipe right to the Bixby Home again. Then toggle the off switch. To access this feature again, you simply have to press the Bixby button on the device and turn it back on. Removing from Home screen Samsung. If you want to prevent icons from being added to the home screen after downloading them, then there is a way to set this up.

You can set this up by pushing down on the home screen and tapping on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen for the home screen settings.

17 hidden Galaxy Note 8 features - CNET

Then go to the bottom of the settings screen to the Home Screen section. From there, disable the Add icon to Home screen for new apps feature. Another way of doing this is by opening the Google Play Store app. Then open the settings of the app by tapping on the three line menu and tapping on Settings. From there, deselect the Add icon to Home screen feature. To add the icon of an app to the home screen, you would have to enable the feature again or drag it over to the home screen. Download Booster Samsung. To download files faster, you can set this up by utilizing a combination of Wi-Fi and mobile data.

The download booster icon will be displayed on the status bar when the Download booster is being used. Bell Canada Bell Canada.

Become a Samsung Note 8 power user

In case your Note8 starts to freeze up, you should consider doing a hard reset. To do that, you simply hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time for about seconds. Once you do that, the phone should restart. Bixby Samsung. There is a way to activate the Bixby digital assistant using your voice. You can also manage the voice sensitivity level in this setting. Full screen apps Samsung. The resolution of the Galaxy Note8 has an aspect ratio of As a result, many apps do not open in full screen mode by default.

Manage Do Not Disturb Samsung.

17 hidden Galaxy Note 8 features

Under these settings, you can decide whether to select No exceptions, Alarms only or customize whether you want sounds or vibrations based on certain rules that you set. Managing Note8 notifications Samsung. You can also have just the notification icons appear within these settings. In this section, you can manage the notifications of each individual app. And in the advanced settings of notifications, you can also have notifications appear silently and set priority notifications so that it appears even if Do Not Disturb is activated.

S Pen settings Samsung. There are a number of S Pen settings that you can control when you tap on the Settings icon. For example, you can adjust the Air Command settings such as shortcuts and decide whether to show a floating icon that can be moved around the screen. Within these settings, you can also set up an alarm if you walk away with your phone without inserting the S Pen and the screen is off.

Note8 app screen Samsung. If you want to organize the app drawer, then you can do so by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the apps icon. Then tap on the three dot icon at the top-right corner of the app drawer and select whether you want the apps to be ordered alphabetically by the title.

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Note8 quick settings Samsung. To pull up the full quick settings, you simply have to swipe down with two fingers or double swipe down. Then you can swipe left or right to switch between the quick settings panes. And to access the full settings from a quick setting, you simply have to press down on that icon. So if you push down on the Wi-Fi icon, it will pull up the full Wi-Fi controls.

Meet the Note 8

Home screen settings Samsung. To reduce clutter from your screen, there is a way to remove the app tray. This can be set up by Long pressing on the home screen and selecting Home screen settings. Then tap on the Home screen layout option and select home screen only. Removing the S Pen Samsung. To translate a whole sentence instead of a word, tap the teal button in the translation box to the left of the word "Spanish" in this picture and highlight the sentence you want.

Then hover the S Pen and your translation will pop up. The Galaxy Note 7 was so short-lived, you might not have known you could create animated GIFs from videos. Well, it's baaaaack! You record a video using the smart select tool. If your handwritten note spills out of bounds, you can keep it within the ruled lines with a new tool.

We'll add more hidden tips and tricks as we get to know the Note 8 even better. For now, dive into the good and bad in our Galaxy Note 8 hands-on impressions. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. August 24, Caption: Jessica Dolcourt Photo: Live Message is also a brand-new Note 8 feature you can access from here.

A carat points the way. You'll be able to craft new Live Messages. And also choose saved messages from your collection. You can share them through apps that support animated GIFs. The Note's note-taking app has an eraser button, but there's a handy shortcut, too. Just press the button on the S Pen A browser shortcut will let you open a new tab, share and change text size. Tap this floating button in the browser to get started. For example, does this look like light green to you? Easy writing pad gives you a space to write at the bottom of the page. The Note 8 will fit your chicken-scratch to one line.

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